Carnaroli rice Principato di Lucedio.

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The carnaroli rice is made by the company Principato di Lucedio, a very high-quality product well-known all over the world. An ingredient for many dishes, the rice is particularly used for a variety of risotto dishes from the North of Italy.

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100 % riso Carnaroli
1 kg

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Carnaroli rice Principato di Lucedio.

White wholemeal rice: selling the rice by Principato di Lucedio online

The carnaroli rice by Principato di Lucedio is one the finest and most famous rice varieties in Italy. Its success was due to its incredible features: the grain size is big, it is firm to the bite and it does not stick. All these features make this rice perfectly suitable for making risotto dishes. Principato di Lucedio offers its high-quality rice in jute bags, renowned in Italy by the best national chefs and gourmands. From the first decades of the 20th century, the first artificial crossings among different rice varieties were created, with the aim to form a rice that would be easier to grow, with a bigger production and more resistant to the 'brusone', a very common plant-disease in those years. The most successful variety was the Carnaroli, created in 1945 as a crossing between two widespread varieties all over Italy: the Vialone and the Leccino.
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Size 1 kg
ingredients 100 % riso Carnaroli
more informations TABELLA VALORI NUTRIZIONALI: Valori medi per 100 g Energia1574 kJ / 376 kcal Grassi0,6 g Di cui saturi0,2 g Carboidrati90 g Di cui zuccheri0 g Fibre0,6 g Proteine8,2 g Sale0 g
Allergens non presenti
How it's made Principato di Lucedio is now a landmark in Italy for the rice production. Rice fields, owned by the family, are regularly checked by experts. They enhance its properties, the rice is worked at least 4 months after the picking and it is then stored at controlled temperature. The enviromentaly-friendly production process and the preservative-free packaging, carried out in a controlled atmosphere, ensure freshness and nutrients to the products.
Storage In cool, dark place


The carnaroli rice is suitable for making all kinds of risotto dishes. To appreciate the qualities of the Principato di Lucedio rice at its best, we suggest to make risotto with Italian traditional meat or seafood, without using too much cheese, such as the mushroom risotto and the sublime risotto alla Milanese.

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