Ciliegine fior di latte Caseificio Pugliese

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The ciliegine fior di latte is just one of the many products that shows the great experience and care of the cheese-makers during the entire production, guaranteeing a unique and high-quality product. Exclusively produced with fresh cows milk and worked following the ancient hand-made traditions.
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Latte vaccino crudo intero, sale marino, acido citrico e caglio liquido di vitello.
250g 500g 1Kg

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Ciliegine fior di latte Caseificio Pugliese

Ciliegine fior di latte: selling the ciliegine mozzarella fior di latte by Caseificio Pugliese online

The ciliegine a bocconcini is a fresh pasta filata cheese, made exclusively with fior di latte milk. They show a pure, glazed white colour with a smooth and homogeneous surface and a very thin rind. Its texture is firm and it is possible to verify its freshness by cutting into the cheese and you will notice the whey falling out, typical of the mozzarella cheese. The ciliegine di fior di latte is a great source of protein. This cheese is very low in fat and rich in vitamins with a high quantity of calcium and phosphorus contrasting the free radicals. Different from the ciliegine di bufala, this cheese is lighter and more delicate, but it has the same amount of nutrients.

More Information
ingredients Latte vaccino crudo intero, sale marino, acido citrico e caglio liquido di vitello.
Size 250g 500g 1Kg
Storage Refrigerated temperature controlled; remove from the refrigerator a few hours before serving. Store it in its preservation liquid
Location Prodotto in Italia
Milk Vaccino
Aging Fresh
How it's made The ciliegine fior di latte, similar to the other kind of mozzarella, is made with the fior di latte milk, since it is more delicate. It is made as the classic mozzarella. The main phases are the following: -Filtering of the buffalo milk; -Coagulation of the buffalo milk; -Milling and ageing of the curd; -Stretching; -Shaping of the mozzarella; -Salting. So its cherry-shape is a version of the classic mozzarella and the treccia mozzarella, whose only difference is its smaller size but it keeps the same incredibly tasty flavour and high-quality.
cheese typology string cheese
Type of milk cow's milk


We suggest to enjoy the ciliegine fior di latte in a simple and fresh way by seasoning them with extra virgin olive oil and to pair them with delicate vegetables. They can also be enjoyed on top of the pizza, together with the pleasant flavours of sweet cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.

Technical Identity
cheese typology
string cheese
Type of milk
cow's milk
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