White almond milk

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The almond milk by Cosaruci is a natural mix that can be easily made in the comfort of your home. A refreshing and healthy drink, perfect for the summer season.

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Almond (Pizzuta di Avola variety), sugar, water, vanilla, lemon skin and cinnamon
0.5 L

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White almond milk

Almond milk: taste this traditional Sicilian product and lose yourself in the Sicilian tradition

This almond milk is a traditional Sicilian product made with almonds of the 'Pizzuta di Avola' variety. It is used as a base for alcoholic drinks, especially enjoyed during the summer. It is served ice-cold. Today the Cosaruci company offers an almond milk mix that can be easily made in your own home. Made only with natural ingredients, with no preservatives or colourings. On the mouth this drink shows a pleasant floury texture due to the presence of finely chopped almonds. The almond milk is made with 'Pizzuta d'Avola' almonds, a native variety from Avola, that is also used for the production of candy-coated almonds. This variety is part of the Slow Food certification that distinguishes itself by its unique aromatic profile, good texture and excellent nutrients; these almonds are a source of unsaturated fat, polyphenol, vitamin E and magnesium.
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Size 0.5 L
Location Prodotto in Italia
ingredients Almond (Pizzuta di Avola variety), sugar, water, vanilla, lemon skin and cinnamon
How it's made The almond milk mix by Cosaruci comes in a 500ml-package and can be prepared by mixing the content, slightly heating up the milk if almonds are condensed, and then pour 20 cl of the mix into 1 litre of water, shake until it is well mixed together. Leave the drink in the fridge and enjoy. Make sure to shake the almond milk wel before pouring into your glass . The mix is made exclusively with almonds and also contains sugar, water, lemon skin, vanilla and cinnamon. In this classic version, Cosaruci uses blanched almonds. The Cosaruci's production process is very simple: almonds, sugar and the other natural ingredients are simply mixed together and then bottled.
Storage Date of expiry shown on the label. It is suggested to consume your drink within 2/3 days after preparation. Store in the fridge.


The almond milk is can be enjoyed at any occasion and at any time of the day, excellent if consumed in the morning for breakfast and paired with a homemade pie.

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