Culatello Gran Ducato 2,3 kg

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Culatello is a traditional cured meat from Emilia Romagna. Part of the boned leg is used, delicious and unforgettable taste from Italy! Culatello Minimum curing time is 12 months.

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2.3 kg

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Culatello Gran Ducato 2,3 kg

Cured Culatello Granducato, Buy Online delivery in 48/72h.

Culatello is a cured meat that is considered the king of cured meat and to think that the discovery of this prestigious cured meat happened by mistake from a wrong cut of a Parma ham. The typical humid climate of the area has always made it very difficult for a whole pork leg to cure properly and it is for this reason that the culatello is boned and then cured in smaller sizes. Culatello is made up of the most muscular part of the hind legs of the pig. Culatello has no pork rind or bone. After salting, it is cased into a pig bladder to protect it. It's traditional pear-shape has a minimum weight of 2 kg. Sweet flavour, soft and velvety texture.
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meat Suino
Size 2.3 kg
How it's made Culatello can only be produced between October and February, when the winter cold and especially the fog hit the lowland. The type of meat used is the leg of an adult pig bred with a traditional method. Firstly the pork rind and the fat are taken off, and then the bone as well. Culatello is then separated from the fiocchetto, another fine part of the pork leg, and trimmed by hand. Afterwards, salting takes place and then put in the casing. After being tied with the string, it is left to cure in specially provided cellars for at least 12 months.
Storage After slicing, spread butter or oil on the sliced side and wrap it in a linen cloth and then store it in a cool room.
Aging long-ripened
Salami type Salami
Type of meat Pork
Average expiry date 6 months


We strongly suggest to consume the culatello on its own to taste the uniqueness of this cured meat. Excellent with bread, crackers, gnocco fritto (a traditional fried dumpling of the area) or together with cheeses such as cow's milk mozzarella. Suggested wine is Lambrusco or Malvasia from the Parma hills.

Technical Identity
Average expiry date
6 months
Salami type
Type of meat
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