Fusilli pasta Benedetto Cavalieri

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The fusilli by Benedetto Cavalieri pasta factory is a bronze-drawn pasta shape made with the 'Delicato' method, patented by the this pasta factory.

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500 g

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Fusilli pasta Benedetto Cavalieri

Fusilli, selling the fusilli pasta by Benedetto Cavalieri online

The fusilli pasta shape is a very popular shape all over Italy. Its origins are uncertain, today the Benedetto Cavalieri past factory produces the fusilli with the 'Delicato' method that maintains and guarantees the quality of the pasta.This shape has arabic origins and then became very popular in Naples, where it was made by twisting the fresh pasta on a tool very similar to a 'fuso' (spindle) and so the pasta was named after it. Foodexplore offers the bronze-drawn fusilli by Benedetto Cavalieri; a great variety of durum wheat pasta made in the South of Italy between Puglia and Basilicata following all the regulations and respecting the environment. The bronze-drawing keeps the pasta coarse and solid in the mouth, which absorbes the sauces better.
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Size 500 g
Location Prodotto in Italia


The fusilli is a typical pasta shape used with most of the sauces in traditional Italian cuisine. The bronze-drawing and its peculiar shape allows the pasta to absorb more of the sauce compared to other types of pasta.

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