Organic bronze-drawn Fusilli by Maiella

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The fusilli Maiella are a kind of organic pasta, cooked and spread throughout the Italian cuisine. This artisan pasta is generally combined with a meat sauce, excellent with vegetables.

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Organic bronze-drawn Fusilli by Maiella

Fusilli: selling online the Maiella organic fusilli online.

Fusilli is a shape of paste very popular in Italy. Its origin is uncertain but probably the most valid theory is that fusilli has probably arabic origins but then it became commonly used in Naples. Here fusilli was made by rolling the fresh pasta on a tool very similar to an old spiddle, called fuso in Italian and that is where its name comes from. Foodexplore offers organic bronze-drawn fusilli: a range of organic pasta produced in accordance to organic agriculture regulations always respecting the environment. In addition bronze-drawn pasta keeps its coarse and rich texture better.
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Size 500 g
Location Prodotto in Italia


Thanks to its spiral shape, fusilli is perfect with rich tomatoe sauces, especially with meat. Its shape is also perfect to absorb and keep the olive oil, that is why Fusilli can also be used for cold pasta dishes, excellent for the summer season.

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