Pecorino Sardo DOP Maturo

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Matured Sardinian Pecorino DOP is typical cheese of Sardinia, in its mature version has an intense and almost spicy flavor, the pasta has a yellowish color and the crust is tough.

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1,4 Kg c.a 3,3 Kg c.a

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Pecorino Sardo DOP Maturo

Buy Online Matured Sardinian Pecorino DOP, special price delivery in 48/72h.

Matured Sardinian Pecorino DOP is a 100% sheep cheese produced according to a strict discipline that regulates the production of Pecorino Sardo DOP. There are two versions of Pecorino Sardo PDO that differ according to their degree of maturation, the two versions are Fresh  and Mature, the one proposed on this page is Matured Pecorino Sardo DOP it matures 4 months before being relesased on the market.

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Size 1,4 Kg c.a 3,3 Kg c.a
Storage To be stored in the fridge.
Location Prodotto in Italia
Milk Ovino
Aging medium-aged
cheese typology hard cheese
Type of milk sheep's milk


Mature Pecorino Sardo DOP is a product for the whole meal, perfect paired with a wine Cannonau.

Technical Identity
cheese typology
hard cheese
Type of milk
sheep's milk
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