Soppressata piccante San Vincenzo

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Spicy Soppressata San Vincenzo is a traditional Calabrian product. It is shaped with a special vise that makes this cured meat flat.

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300-400 g

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Soppressata piccante San Vincenzo

Spicy Soppressata San Vincenzo: selling the traditional Calabrian cured meat, the soppressata online.

Soppressata piccante San Vincenzo is a typical Calabrian cured meat, a regional gourmet product made from selected pork with added chilli pepper that makes the soppressata red, pepper and salt. Mena produces this salami in the best way, the meat is cut coarsely, pepper preserves are added, and chilli pepper is added. The sausage is red in colour, with an enveloping sweet and spicy flavour.
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meat suino
Size 300-400 g
Location Prodotto in Italia
How it's made The Soppressata Calabrese is a traditional and exclusive product of the Calabrian region. It is made with a medium-coarse minced meat from the pork shoulder, ham and loin's fat. During mincing, black pepper, fennel, salt and chilli are added to the soppressata. Once the meat is put in natural casing by hand, it is then left to air-dry. After around two weeks, the soppressata is pressed with a weighing machine (in the past a board with weights on it was used) and the meat finally gets its typical 'soppressata' flat shape. Curing lasts for several weeks.
Storage In cool environment. Cover the sliced side with a cloth.
Aging medium-aged
Salami type Sausage
Type of meat Pork
Average expiry date 6 months


Soppressata is excellent served as a starter or together with home-made bread (wholemeal bread is even better) and vegetables. Great with aged cheeses. Suggested wine Lambrusco

Technical Identity
Average expiry date
6 months
Salami type
Type of meat
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