Organic Maccheroni alla chitarra

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Foodexplore selected the maccheroni alla chitarra for you at a great price. Bring the traditional Maiella pasta to your table

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Organic Maccheroni alla chitarra

Maccheroni alla chitarra: selling online the traditional Abruzzo pasta by Maiella

Maccheroni alla chitarra by Maiella, also called tonnarelli, is a pasta variety from Abruzzo. This pasta is different from the more common spaghetti and tagliolini because it is thicker and has square edges not round. Nowadays the ladies from Abruzzo still use the Chitarra (it directly translates into 'guitar' in English), which is a wooden surface with strings tight from one side to another (very similar to a guitar). The pasta is laid on the strings and by applying some pressure with the pasta roll, the pasta goes between the strings and it is sliced into small stripes. Maccheroni alla chitarra is a type of pasta that is to be cooked al dente and it goes perfectly with sauces rich in flavour like sauces with gamey or hare meat.
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Size 500 g


Maiella Maccheroni alla chitarra is a great Italian pasta dish, excellent if cooked with olive oil and butter or with extra-virgin olive oil, in order to taste the real flavour of this exquisite handmade pasta at its best. Or if you prefer to follow the Abruzzo tradition, use it together gamey, hare, wild bear or lamb meat sauces.

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