Cherry tomatoes Pacchetella (fillet) of Piennolo DOP 0,5 kg

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Cherry tomatoes Pacchetella of Piennolo is a preserve of these amazing sweet cherry tomatoes, typical of the Vesuvius area. Try it on bruschetta or with pasta!


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Piennolo cherry tomato of Vesuvius, salt
500 g

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Cherry tomatoes Pacchetella (fillet) of Piennolo DOP 0,5 kg

Buy Online Pacchetella pomodorini del Piennolo Sapori Vesuviani

The pacchetella made with Vesuvius's cherry tomatoes is a preserve traditional of the Vesuvius's park in the Naples area. This amazing cherry tomatoes shows an oval shape with a pointy top. Since its skin is pretty thick, this cherry tomato can ripen for several months without rotting. It has a red vermilion colour and weighs around 25 g. Another important feature that allows this tomato to ripen correctly is its high acidity, that keeps the tomato fresh and tasty. The pacchetella, that is made with these special tomatoes, is simply ripened tomato fillets. pressed by hand in the jar, salt is added, and then it is pasteurized to have a fresh product all year long.
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How it's made The production of the excellent Vesuvius's cherry tomatoes Pacchetella is very easy: once fully ripened, the Piennolo's cherry tomatoes are picked by hand, paying attention not to damage them that can lead to rotting .The tomatoes are washed, petioles removed and then they are cut to remove the seeds, because they could acidify and give the sauce an unpleasant taste. Afterwards pressing is carried out by hand in the jar, salt is then added before pasteurizing which makes the product sterile and keeps it fresh.
Size 500 g
Location Prodotto in Italia
Storage Once opened, to be consumed within 3 days
ingredients Piennolo cherry tomato of Vesuvius, salt


The Vesuvius's cherry tomatoes Pacchetella is excellent as a sauce for pasta. Sauté a little bit of onion with extra virgin olive oil and then add the pressed tomatoes from the jar and cook until they release their tasty juice. Add the cooked 'al dente' pasta and finish to cook in the pan. The result will be a simple but outstanding pasta with tomatoes. Excellent also on the bruschetta. Wine to be paired: Pinot Grigio Livio Felluga.

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