Ruote pazze (Crazy wheels) Benedetto Cavalieri

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The ruote pazze is a pasta shape that became famous thanks to the Benedetto Cavalieri pasta factory. Try this bizarre pasta shape with tradition Italian sauces.

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Ruote pazze (Crazy wheels) Benedetto Cavalieri

Wheel shaped pasta, selling the wheel shaped pasta by Benedetto Cavalieri online

The pasta: ruote pazze (crazy wheels) by Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri is a pasta shape that became well-known through the work of Benedetto back in 1938. This shape reminds one of the shape of a wheel with a circular crown linked to a hob and spokes, exactly like a bicycle wheel. The word 'pazza' (crazy) comes from the Salento tradition as the shape is not perfectly round; the main feature of this pasta is that after is has been cooked, it does not get flat but the spokes keep the shape taut.
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Size 500 g
Location Prodotto in Italia


The wheel pasta goes perfectly with most of the sauces of the Italian food tradition, excellent as a cold pasta dish with tomatoes, mozzarella, etc., perfect as a summer dish

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