Whole-wheat bronze-drawn coarse penne Maiella

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Penne rigate is made with whole durum wheat semola. They show a furrowed surface able to absorb the sauce better .

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500 g

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Whole-wheat bronze-drawn coarse penne Maiella

Whole-wheat penne: selling online the penne rigate by Maiella

The penne rigate is one of the most famous and used pasta in Italian cuisine. Originating from Campania, penne pasta is named after the fountain pen, because of it similar shape, which allows the pasta to absorb the pasta sauce. Pastificio Maiella produces penne with whole durum wheat semola, making this pasta even tastier. Being also bronze-drawn, the pasta is not smooth and for this reason, it can absorbe the sauce better.
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Size 500 g
Location Prodotto in Italia


Penne goes perfectly with most of the Italian sauces. Thanks to its coarse texture and furrowed surface, the sauces are absorbed making the dish much tastier.

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