Modica chocolate with pistachio

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The Modica chocolate is a unique product with its typical grainy texture, almost biscuity. Following the old Aztec recipe, Cosaruci offers this version with pistachio.

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Cocoa, min 70%, cane sugar, pistachio.
100 g

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Modica chocolate with pistachio

Modica chocolate with pistachio: bring the best natural chocolate from Modica to your table

Cosaruci offers the Modica chocolate made with the traditional recipe and with an addition of pistachios, added to the cocoa dough at a cold temperature. The colour of Modica chocolate is shiny and its intensity depends from the amount of cocoa used, its texture is grainy. Modica chocolate is a product exclusively made in the town of Modica, in the Ragusa province. It is said that its recipe comes from the Aztec tribe and then brought to Sicily by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. The Modica chocolate, an incredibly out of the ordinary product, has few important peculiarities: during production, the cocoa is not separated from the cocoa butter, but it is made liquid by heating it up. Another important element is that cane sugar is used and no vegetable fat and oils are added. These features make the Modica chocolate incredibly tasty, healthy and with unique flavours and texture. In this recipe, Sicilian pistachios are added to the chocolate, that gives a savoury and sweet flavour at the same time.
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Size 100 g
Location Prodotto in Italia
ingredients Cocoa, min 70%, cane sugar, pistachio.
How it's made Modica chocolate is a unique chocolate made as tradition wants. The production process of Cosaruci is totally manual and handcrafted. Only healthy raw materials are used, without any preservatives or vegetable oil. In order to preserve its original aromas, the cocoa is kneaded with sugar cane at a cold temperature that never reaches the 40°C, as handed down by the Aztec recipe. This temperature avoids the melting of sugar crystals. During this step Sicilian pistachios in grains are added, which give a savoury taste to the mouth. The semi-liquid chocolate is now laid in moulds called 'lanni', which give the chocolate is typical shape and the air bubbles are created on the surface after light shake.
Storage To be stored in a cool and dry place


We suggest to enjoy Modica chocolate on its own. This version with Sicilian pistachios is unique; these exquisite pistachios melt in the mouth together with the sweetness of the sugar and especially of the chocolate. Enjoy this chocolate with a glass of Passito di Zibibbo, or a Recioto della Valpolicella. It can also be paired with a small glass of Grappa aged in barriques.

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