Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Dal Forno

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TASTING NOTES: L'Amarone Dal Forno is ruby red in color, at the nose is very noticeable tertiary aromas like cocoa and liquorice, very well integrated with fruity cherry and plum. The taste is very balanced, soft, pleasantly fruity with a long aftertaste. Great Wine !!


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0,75 L
vine variety
60% Corvina 20% Rondinella 10% Oseleta 10% Croatina

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Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Dal Forno

Vendita online Amarone della Valpolicella Dal Forno

Amarone Dal Forno is a legendary and majestic wine, produced with native grapes Corvina, Rondinella Oseleta and Croatina. These grape varieties in late September and the beginning of October are manually harvested before a rigorous qualitative selection in vineyard, grapes are placed in boxes for drying, making sure the distance between the clusters in the box itself is usefull for drying. These boxes are made from wood and are placed in drying fruit cellars that will allow every single grape to lose water and to concentrate its sugar content, poliphenols and aromatic substances. After a period that last from 100 to 120 days Dal Forno proceeds to destemming and crushing the grapes that are put in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for fermentation to take place at 28 ° C. During this process the maceration allows the release of all those compounds which have been concentrated to spread in the wine and enrich it greatly. Following this process the wine is separated from the skins and placed in oak barrels for 60 months, during which the wine is aged and is completed from the aromatic and structural point of view. Later the barrels are assembled and bottled, the new Amarone remains in the cellar 24 months before releasing.
More Information
Aging In botti in rovere di Slavonia e barriques.
Storage 16-18°C (61-64°F)
Alcohol 17,50%
wine appellation Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG
Allergens Contains Sulfites
vine variety 60% Corvina 20% Rondinella 10% Oseleta 10% Croatina
Terroir Le vigne che vengono utilizzate per la produzione del pregiato Amarone Dal Forno derivano da piante che abbiano superato un'età minima di 10 anni quindi con apparati radicali che abbiano potuto andare in profondità nel suolo e abbiano la capacità di acquisire minerali e trasportarli nel frutto. I suoli dell'Azienda sono di matrice molto eterogenea molto poveri di sostanza organica e quindi ben adatti alla produzione di vino di qualità. La pedologia della zona è alluvionale e composta dal 70% di ghiaia un 15% di limo e 15% di argilla; dal punto di vista climatico la buona esscursione termica tra giorno e notte nei periodi della maturazione e le brezze che spirano verso nord permettono di mantenere la salubrità del grappolo e un ottimo livello di maturazione in tutte le annate.
Size 0,75 L


Amarone Dal Forno is one of the most important wines in the world, has a very broad spectrum of pairing, given its importance, suitable to the combination with red meat and game dishes but also a particularly fine cheeses such as aged cheeses and blue cheeses and long seasoning extra hard cheese. Excellent as a sipping wine with a high-quality dark chocolate or with a good cigar.

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