Slinzega Mottolini 600g

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The Slinzega is a traditional product from Valtellina, made with smallest parts of the beef. This product has 0 fat and it is suitable for those who suffer from coeliac disease. To be paired with a fresh not very structured red wine.

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600 ca

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Slinzega Mottolini 600g

Selling the Slinzega a traditional product from Valtellina online

The Slinzega is a traditional product from Lombardy, a different version of the bresaola della Valtellina. The cut used to make this cured meat is the same one used for the bresaola; the only difference is its size, which is smaller for the slinzega. Another difference is the flavoured brine used for the massaging of the meat which takes place before the drying. This product, which shows a dark red colour, is completely lean and rich in proteins. Its flavour is characterized by a strong cured taste that comes from the herbs used for the salting. Easy to digest product.
More Information
meat Bovino
Size 600 ca
Location Prodotto in Italia
How it's made The production of the Slinzega from Lombardy is similar to the bresaola. Once the piece of meat has been chosen, it is salted, however for the slinzega, a brine with salt, cloves, garlic, pepper and bay leaves is used. After 10 days of salting, the meat is dried and the meat is still massaged. The final step is the curing in aired and cool rooms. The curing can last up to 30 days.
Storage In cool environment. Cover the sliced side with a cloth.
Aging medium-aged
Salami type Salami
Type of meat Pork
Average expiry date 6 months


Slinzega is excellent when consumed by itself and with few drops of extra virgin olive oil or with whole-wheat bread. To be paired with an acidic, light-bodied red wine, such as the Barbera. This product is suitable for those who suffers from coeliac disease.

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Technical Identity
Average expiry date
6 months
Salami type
Type of meat
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