Mozzarella con latte di bufala affumicata

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The Mozzarella with smoked buffalo milk is a traditional product of southern Italy, this is a Buffalo Mozzarella that is lightly smoked and has a really characteristic aroma and taste. 
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Mozzarella con latte di bufala affumicata

Mozzarella with smoked buffalo milk: Buy Online Mozzarella with smoked buffalo milk, delivery in 48/72h.

Mozzarella with smoked buffalo milk is a traditional cheese from Campania; the caseificio Pugliese offers a buffalo version. The Mozzarella with smoked buffalo milk or scamorza is named after its shape which reminds to a 'cut-off head'. The scamorza shows a white colour, typical of the milk used, and a delicate, pleasant and soft texture. The scamorza can also be consumed after a few months thanks to its stretching which lasts longer during the production. This makes the cheese firmer and also more resistant to the smoking process, that since ancient times is used to give the cheese a longer shelf life. Before being aged, the scamorza is tied at its extremities. In this case, the buffalo's milk gives the provola more flavours compared to the provola made with cows milk. The taste is typical of this cheese, with smoked notes.

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Size 250g 500g
Storage In the fridge or cellar
Location Prodotto in Italia
Allergens LATTE
Milk Bufala
Aging Short
cheese typology string cheese
Type of milk cow's milk


The Mozzarella with smoked buffalo milk is suitable to be enjoyed by itself, as an aperitif with home-made bread and few drops of extra virgin olive oil. It is also used for many pizzas and pasta dishes. Ideal paired with a Franciacorta Satèn Vigna Dorata.

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Technical Identity
cheese typology
string cheese
Type of milk
cow's milk
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