White Vialone Nano rice

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The Vialone Nano rice is considered one of the finest Italian varieties. Great for timbales and cold rice salads

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White Vialone Nano rice

White Vialone Nano rice: selling the Mantuan rice by Cà Vecchia online

The Vialone Nano is one of the finest varieties in Italy and was created in 1937 as a crossing between two very common varieties, the Vialone and the Nano (nano literally means 'dwarf' because of the short size of the plant). It is a semi-thin rice, that means it has round and medium-long grains. It is perfect for cooking timbales, starters and not less creamy risottos. it can absorb the seasoning very well and it stays firm when cooked.
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Origin Mantova
Location Prodotto in Italia
How it's made Cà Vecchia rice mill, recently built, uses rice grains exclusively picked from the rice-fields located on the left bank of the river Mincio, in the Mantua area. To enhance its qualities, the production of the rice starts 4 months after the harvest. The rice is carefully washed to remove foreign bodies and broken grains which could spoil the taste and features of the final product.
Storage Keep in a dry, dark place


The Vialone Nano rice by Cà Vecchia shows a slightly herbaceous taste. We suggest to use this rice to make risottos, timbales and rice salads.

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