Acquarello rice: the best carnaroli rice

Buy online Acquerello rice at special price for you the best aged rice in the world. The Acquerello rice is produced by the Rondolino family in en estate called Colombara in the province of Vercelli. In 1992 Acquarello Rice was born, an aged for several years Carnaroli rice with incredible taste features, amazing rice, used in the best restaurants and by the best chefs in the world. The Acquarello Rice has the distinction of being aged and process called gemmatura, finally, is a step that enriches the rice by the nutritional point of view, because the germ, rich in vitamins and trace elements, is reintroduced into the grain. Today the company is run by Piero and his son Rinaldo Rondolino, also helped by the brothers Piero. Tenuta Colombara has been collaborating for a long time with Slow Food, which has chosen Tenuta Colombara as University of Gastronomic Sciences.