Prosecco DOC Belstar Extra Dry Cult

Prosecco DOC Belstar Extra Dry Cult

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TASTING NOTES: The Prosecco Belstar is straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage, the nose is fragrant and fruity. The taste is fresh and young with a pleasant sweetness that is felt in the final.

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Size: 0,75 L
Harvest: S.A.
Ideal with: Panettone, Raw fish dishes, Risotto, Seafood pasta

Prosecco DOC Belstar Extra Dry Cult

Prosecco Belstar is a selection of Glera grape which comes from the vineyards just outside Valdobbiadene in a place that people call "bel star" to emphasize the beauty of the place. The Glera grapes are harvested and taken to the cellar for pressing, the must is clarified and inoculated with selected yeasts for fermentation. This process is conducted in steel at 18-19 ° C. Subsequently the wines age in steel for 1 month before being transferred in the autoclave and added with yeast and sugar for the secondary fermentation that occurs in 20-25 days at 18°C. Once this process is complete the wine is bottled in isobaric conditions, corked, labeled and marketed.

Storage: To be stored at 16-18°C
Pairing: Belstar Prosecco is a wine with perfect features to be combined with aperitif snacks, table accompanies meals composed of delicate dishes. For its characteristic Extra Dry it is also recommended the combination with sweets.
Aging: In Steel
Size: 0,75 L
Harvest: S.A.
Alcohol: 11%
wine appellation: Prosecco DOC
shelf life: Ready to drink
Grape used: 100% Glera
serving temperature: 6-8°C

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