Buy Online Bisol Prosecco from Valdobbiadene.

Bisol is one of the most well-known Prosecco producers in Italy and the world. For generations and generations, the Bisol family has been working the land of the hill called 'Chartice', now known as Cartizze in Valdobbiadene. Historical references, dated back to the first half of the 16th century, show that a forefather of the Bisol family was already making and selling wine, Eliseo Bisol is mentioned as wine seller. The Bisol tradition of wine-growing and wine-making have been carried on during the centuries until the temporary interruption caused by the First World War as the frontline was on the Valdobbiadene hills. After the Second World War, Desiderio Bisol wanted to mark a turning point in the wine production and he assigned each of his 4 sons with a different role. His sons were so passionate and committed to their company that they brought many new ideas and technologies . The quality of the wines increased considerably, most noteably were the new testing methods on the vineyard which they undertook. Today the company owns 177 hectares of vineyards, three hectares of which are on the prestigious land on the top the Cartizze hill. The current production is around 2,500,000 bottles.