Formaggio Bitto DOP

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Bitto cheese is traditional from the Valtellina, in Lombardy. It is made with cow's milk and suitable for long ageing.

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Formaggio Bitto DOP

Buy Online Bitto DOP Traditional cheese from Valtellina. Delivery in 48/72h.

Bitto is a traditional cheese of the Lombardy Alps. It is named after the river that flows down from Gerla. In celtic, Bitto means perpetual" and it is one of few cheeses that, if aged properly, can be consumed even after 10 years. Depending on the ageing, it can have a soft or hard rind. It is straw-yellow, but it can become brownish after a longer ageing. During the ageing its texture gets elastic, hard and crumbly, its aromas incredibly intense and its taste becomes sweet and delicate, characterized by all the typical flavours of the Alps. Its weight can be from 8 kg to 25 kg. "
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Size 1Kg 2,5Kg 10Kg
Storage In the fridge or in cellar.
Location Prodotto in Italia
Milk Vaccino
Aging medium-aged
cheese typology hard cheese
Type of milk cow's milk


Excellent if consumed on its own, with honey or walnut polenta. It can be paired with full-bodied wines, like Sforzato or Amarone.

Technical Identity
cheese typology
hard cheese
Type of milk
cow's milk
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