Burrata Pugliese

Burrata Pugliese

Burrata Pugliese: Buy Online best Burrata mozzarella in Italy

Burrata is a traditional fresh cheese from Apulia. Its peculiar feature is its creamy core with stracciatella.
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Burrata Pugliese

Burrata is a traditional fresh cheese from Apulia. It is rindless and it is characterized by a soft stretched texture with the addition of double cream. Its peculiarity are the stretched cheese fibres in the texture. It shows a milky white colour. It is produced all year round.

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Storage: Refrigerated temperature controlled; remove from the refrigerator a few hours before serving.
Pairing: It is suggested to be consumed Burrata on its own and matched with a glass of Franciacorta. Excellent with fresh seasonal vegetables seasoned with local Bari or Salento olive oil.
Milk: Cows milk
How it's made: Like normal mozzarella, the pasteurized milk is inoculated with natural whey for the acidification. After this, warming takes place and calf rennet is added. As soon as it is coagulated, milling takes place. Then the cheesemaker stretches the curd using boiling water and by hand, makes a sack-shape to the stretched texture. Cream and mozzarella fibres are added inside the little sacks.
Aging: Fresh

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Wonderfull Burrata!
Scott Brandon May 31, 2016
I remeber when I was in Salento on holyday! Great product and fast delivery!

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