Pasta Bigoli de Bassan 500g

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Bigoli de Bassan are a pasta typical of the Venetian, they appear as large spaghettoni that have the characteristic to be particularly wrinkled and porous so as to retain their condiments, helping to create particularly tasty dishes.

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Pasta Bigoli de Bassan 500g

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Bigoli de Bassan are a product created by La Borella pastificio. The Bigoli are traditionally a Venetian pasta that in the Venetian dialect pronounces bigoi" and takes its name from the press that is used for their manufacture called bigolaro. The Bigoli are traditionally circular, but there are also some square section exceptions that are still under Bigoli's name. The most famous dish that uses Bigoli is definitely Bigoli de Bassan with duck or Bigoli with sardines.

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Size 500 g
Location Prodotto in Italia


Bigoli are seasoned with traditional sauces, especially with duck ragu, bigoli co l'arna" in veneto. Or another variant wants to use sardines or anchovies together with tomato sauce."

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