Quartirolo Lombardo DOP 1,5 Kg

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The quartirolo lombardo DOP is a traditional fat, soft cheese. Made with cow's milk, the quartirolo cheese goes very well with cold dishes and it is excellent with a glass of Franciacorta Saten.

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Latte, sale, caglio.
1,5 kg c.a.

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Quartirolo Lombardo DOP 1,5 Kg

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The quartirolo lombardo is a cow's milk cheese produced almost all over Lombardy. It is a cheese protected by the DOP consortium which prevent imitations and set strict production rules. It is a fat, soft cheese shortly aged. The quartirolo shows a soft rind which is white when fresh and grey when aged. With the ageing, the quartirolo becomes creamy and gains aromas. The quartirolo used to be made with cow's milk which were fed with grass mowed for the fourth time ('quarto' in Italian). After the field had been cut for the fourth time, the cows used to go down in the valley, tired after the time spent in the mountain pasture.
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ingredients Latte, sale, caglio.
Size 1,5 kg c.a.
Storage To be stored in the fridge, cover the sliced side.
Location ARRIGONI SERGIO FORMAGGI S.R.L. Sede legale: Olda di Taleggio - Valtaleggio (BG)
more informations ARATTERISTICHE NUTRIZIONALI (Valori medi riferiti a 100 g di prodotto) Energia 1243 kj / 296 kcal Grassi (g) 24 di cui acidi grassi saturi (g) 16 Carboidrati (g) 0 di cui zuccheri (g) 0 Proteine (g) 20 Sale (g) 1,5
Allergens latte e derivati
Milk Vaccino
Aging Short
How it's made For the production of the quartirolo, whole milk from two different milkings is used. Liquid calf rennet and whey are added. After the curd is created, it is cut into smal pieces and then put in the typical square moulds. Salting with brine or salt is then carried out.
cheese typology hard cheese
Type of milk cow's milk


The quartirolo lombardo DOP is the traditional cheese that should be enjoyed on its own or paired with cold dishes or salads. Wine suggested is Franciacorta Saten or Lugana.

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Technical Identity
cheese typology
hard cheese
Type of milk
cow's milk
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