White Carnaroli rice

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Carnaroli is the king of the rice. It is used to make excellent risotto with a slightly sweet taste.

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White Carnaroli rice

Carnaroli rice: selling the Mantuan rice by Cà Vecchia online

The Carnaroli rise is one of the most famous and finest rice varieties in Italy. Its success is due to its properties: the grain is big and stays firm and does not become sticky when cooked. All these characteristics make this rice perfect to cook risotto. In the first decades of the 20th century, the fist attempts of creating artificial crossings between different rice varieties were tried. The reason was behind these attempts was to create a rice which would have been easier to grow, more able to produce higher quantities and more resistant to the brusone, a rice illness widespread in those years. The most successful variety was in fact the Carnaroli, which was created in 1945 as a crossing between two other famous varieties in Italy, the Vialone and the Lencino. The Carnaroli rice by Ca Vecchia comes exclusively from the region of Sinistra Mincio. Its taste is slightly sweet and the grain stays firm well after cooked.
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Origin Mantova
How it's made Cà Vecchia of the Gazzani family is a new rice mill which produces rice exclusively from Mantuan rice-fields, on the left-bank of the river Mincio. To enhance its qualities, the rice is stored at a constant temperature for 4 months after the harvest and before the production. The rice is constantly checked and washed to remove foreign bodies and broken grains which could spoil the characteristics of the final product.
Storage Keep in a dry, dark place


The Carnaroli rice is suitable to make any kind of risottos. In order to enjoy this Cà Vecchia rice at its best, we suggest to make seafood or meat risottos which are not too creamy, such as mushroom risotto or the delicious Milanese risotto.

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