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The best Modica Chocolate online only on Enjoy Modica Chocolate at special prices for you. Modica Chocolate takes its name from the homonymous city located in Sicily in the province of Ragusa, where one of the most famous chocolates of the world is born. Modica Chocolate has the peculiarity that it does not contain vegetable oils and fats. It is processed at low temperatures, never above 50 ° C, because the present sugar does not melt away to characterize the pasta but above all the texture. Modica Chocolate is prepared with typical Sicilian ingredients, such as citrus, chili and many others. Discover the best producers: Sabadì and Cosaruci.

Cosaruci is a typical pastry in Modica founded by Antonio, a professional pastry lover of typical Sicilian sweets. Cosaruci produces the real chocolate of Modica, famous worldwide for its particularity in fact cocoa paste is not used, he produces different types citrus chocolate, Marsala chocolate. Antonio Cosaruci also produces other typical Sicilian sweets such as almond milk, biscuits and much more. Passion and desire to improve are the secrets of Antonio always trying to maintain originality and typicality. FoodExplore has selected Cosaruci products, discover the selection in the online bakery.