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Puglia is a region with one of the most important and varied cheese-making traditions in all of Italy. Puglia, a green and charming region, has many easy to find breeding's in the wild form. The main breed is the podolica, a working breed characterised by their long horns, from which the noble Caciocavallo podolico is made, traditional of the Gargano area. Puglia is, together with Campania, the home of one of the tastiest fresh cheeses ever and similar to mozzarella; the Burrata from Puglia. With a soft heart of stracciatella cheese with cream. Also common is the mozzarella fior di latte, like the nodini and mozzarella balls. Other cheeses are the Canestrato from Puglia, that ages in cane baskets. Most of the cheeses from Puglia are made with cow's milk and very few are made with goat's milk. Find out more about our cheese selection online!!

The history of the Caseificio Pugliese dates back to the Radicci family who located in Puglia 40 years from Piedmont. They combined tradition and skill with Piedmont ingredients, the milk. Its range of products include several type of cheeses, made with 100% Italian milk. Well-know examples: Mozzarella Fior di Latte, nodini, treccia, burrata, ricotta scamorza, ricotta and many more products. This company combined their principles of hand-made products with old traditions and modern technologies, and they are great example for the market as they guarantee high-quality products every day by following these principles.

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